Research at OTFC

Research in Sensory Integration Therapy has increased considerably over the last 15 years. In fact, it is researched not only by Occupational Therapists but by other health professionals and academics. As referenced in “Best Practice”, Sensory Integration Therapy has clearly provided great discussion amongst peers, academics, researchers and other health professionals.


Although the OT’s at OTFC are not currently engaged in individual research projects, they do welcome an invitation to support those that are from various Universities. Continuing to advance the clinical skills and theoretical knowledge that contributes to the profession of Occupational Therapy is valued very highly at OTFC.  The opportunity for OTFC to provide a clinical database that is accessible and appealing to researchers enables us to contribute at a level and capacity that is sustainable and significant.


Presently OTFC is supporting research in two areas:


1.) The effectiveness of Sensory Integration therapy in working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

2.) The effectiveness of the Wilbarger’s Brushing protocol with children with ASD.


Systematic review of the effectiveness of the Wilbarger protocol with | PHMT


If you would like OTFC to be an affiliated partner for your research project or pilot study or have any questions related to the Research at OTFC, please email the Clinical Director, Dino Mennillo (