The OTFC Facility

Occupational Therapy For Children operates from a purpose built facility that has 7 Therapy Rooms over 2 levels at 254 Waymouth Street, Adelaide South Australia. Each Room is equipped with specialised sensory and therapeutic equipment that makes therapy at OTFC FUN. Each Individual Therapy session is unique to the child’s needs and planned by the therapist on a weekly basis.

At OTFC we believe it is imperative that we keep our children and our staff safe. Each Room is connected to the server with closed circuit Television cameras so that you can watch every second of your child’s therapy (whether it be from the waiting room or even from your computer at work if you are unable to make it in) on tablets provided by us. This technology also gives us the ability to use the sessions for our internal Professional Development and educational purposes to ensure we are doing all we can to provide the best therapy for your child.

Our facility is also fitted with 2 waiting areas for your convenience to watch your child’s therapy session or simply to have some time to yourself.