Degrees:  Bachelor Applied Science (OT)

Brief Work history:  OTFC

Interests (outside of work): Basketball, Camping, Cooking, socialising with friends, going to the movies

Favourite childhood memory: Camping on the Murray River with my family

Favourite childhood game:     Storm the lantern

Favourite movie: Finding Nemo & UP

If you weren’t an OT what would you do? Anything where I can help people and have FUN doing it

Tyson completed his Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) in 2011 at the University of South Australia. During his final year he engaged in two paediatric placements fuelling his passion for working with children. The first was working with three different paediatric Occupational Therapists across five different sites, including schools, kindergartens and child care centres. His second paediatric placement took place at the Parafield Gardens Children Centre, where he worked to help the centre engage fathers in their services. He continued engaging with the children’s centre until the end of 2015, volunteering once a week at the kindergarten on site, working with children with varying disabilities. In July 2012 he was lucky enough to join the OTFC team! Throughout the last 4 years Tyson has taken advantage of many training opportunities including ‘Move to Learn’ program, sensory processing workshops and attachment theory workshops. He looks to continue his training throughout this year and for years to come. In January he became a father to a wonderful little man and continues to discover the challenges and joys of parenting. Tyson is an absolute joy to have around OTFC. He is a warm-hearted caring individual who goes above and beyond to ensure he can meet the needs of the children that he meets and their families.

Tyson works four days a week at OTFC (Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat) and in addition to his therapeutic caseload he also is an OTFC Supervisor helping to mentor the clinical staff group and together with Kultar,  facilitates the OT University Student Placements at OTFC.