Degrees: Bachelor of Arts (Honours)

Brief Work history: Gymbaroo Australia, SPOTed Program (Enfield Primary School campus), Tutor, Freelance Editor.

Interests (outside of work): Walking along the beach each day with my dog, spending time with family, and Pilates.

Favourite childhood memory: Family walks each Sunday along the beach and then back home for Mum’s freshly baked hot scones.

Favourite childhood game: Table tennis, card games, backyard cricket and football.

Favourite movie: Neverending Story and The Wizard of Oz

If you weren’t an educator, what would you do? PoetorDancer

Since 2002, Sue has worked in the area of infant and early childhood development. Through Dino Mennillo’s original initiative, she has led the SPOTed (Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy education) groups at CaFE (Children and Families Everywhere) Enfield over the past 9 years and has worked as an educator in the Gymbaroo program for more than 13 years. She has also worked both as a tutor at Flinders and Adelaide Universities and as a freelance editor. Sue is passionate about working together with parents, carers and their children to help growing each individual from their earliest developmental years.

Sue is our resident OTFC Family Consultant. She is available for individual home visits through a referral from your OTFC OT. Sometimes this service is recommended following your initial consultation and whilst your child is waiting to start their OT sessions at the clinic or sometimes it is suggested as an adjunct to your therapy or at the completion of your child’s therapy block.  During a home visit, Sue will provide support to both your child and you across a range of potential needs that might include:

  • Developing a program of targeted therapy exercises that can be executed in your home environment on an ongoing basis
  • Problems with regard to toileting and toilet training
  • Difficulties with Sleep
  • Ideas for sibling co-operation and play
  • Behavioural issues and difficulties

Sue helps families integrate the therapy that is done at the OTFC clinic into their own home which means more positive outcomes are achieved.

Sue has been a part of our family for nearly 14 years. She is one of those rare individuals that has been able to combine her genuine love for her job with the ability to help people be the best they can be and make it safe. At OTFC we are absolutely delighted that Sue is part of our family and we know that once you meet her, you will understand why.