OTFC Family Consultant

Sue is the resident OTFC Family Consultant. She is available for individual home visits through a referral from your OTFC Occupational Therapist. This service can be recommended:

  • following your initial consultation with the Assessment Team and whilst your child is waiting to start their OT sessions at the clinic
  • as an adjunct to your current therapy block
  • at the completion of your child’s therapy block to help facilitate a transition from therapeutic interventions at the clinic.


During a home visit, Sue will provide support to both your child and you across a range of potential needs that might include:

  • Developing a program of targeted therapy exercises that can be executed in your home environment on an ongoing basis
  • Problems with regard to toileting and toilet training
  • Difficulties with Sleep
  • Ideas for sibling co-operation and play
  • Behavioural issues and difficulties


Sue helps families integrate the therapy that is done at the OTFC clinic into their own home which means more positive outcomes are achieved.


Please feel free to ask your Therapist at OTFC for further information regarding the referral process involved in accessing this kind of support, or please call the OTFC Support team on 08 8410 4522.