Lecture Series at OTFC

Presented by the members of our Clinical Team, these workshops provide an opportunity for families, educators and allied health professionals to understand the children we work with. To reserve your seat to any of the workshops listed below, please contact the OTFC Support Team on 08 8410 4522 or email Jo: admin@otfc.com.au

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders – an Introduction

Gain an understanding of what Sensory Integration is and how children with Autism Spectrum Disorders face sensory issues on a daily basis.

It will teach you how Sensory Integration Therapy aims to improve HOW a child with ASD can adapt and manage these issues to better navigate their world.

It will also provide a safe forum where you can pose some questions to help improve your understanding so you can feel more equipped to manage your child’s needs at home, at school or in the community.

Adding another piece to the puzzle

“Why does my child seem to need the most attention from me as soon as I am busy doing something important?”

“I have tried everything but nothing works when my child is having a tantrum—what do I do now?”

Come & attend a FREE Information night at OTFC to hear about a NEW Parent Group at OTFC in Term 1, 2017 exploring how we can support our children’s development through our Relationship, ways to connect with them and unpack what their behaviour may be telling us. There will be time for Q&A at the end of the night. This Information Evening is suitable for parents /carers from newborns—teenagers.

Not all APPS are BAD!

For those who missed out last year on the opportunity to find out what apps can be effective in supporting your children, Michael Crisci will be again discussing some of these in his Not all APPS are Bad talk.

With the advent of electronic devices in homes, schools and even in therapy, electronic screen time has become commonplace. As such, it is important to embrace technology, but making sure it is safe, controlled and supported. ‘Not all Apps are bad’ is part of OTFC’s lecture series and will cover topics such as:

· the pros and cons of screen time
· managing tablet and phone use
· resources for app reviews
· video modelling

and will include an interactive display of suggested apps and new tablet technologies. Parents and teachers will also be provided with a list of apps that can be used at home and in class, with both functional and educational purposes. There will be the opportunity for discussion and interaction, so please feel free to bring along your tablet devices* and ideas to share, to get the most from the talk.

While the discussion will cover a number of topics from last year, there will be some new ideas, resources and points of discussion.

The Millennium Parent

It’s been a year on and I still haven’t got it right!
Isabella or Issie (as she now refers to herself) is 12 ‘and a half ‘and she’s changed in lots of ways—we both lock the door when we are in the shower and I still can’t even say good morning in the right way!
Noah is 9 and he’s now discovered that he wants to play football for Port Power in the winter and cricket for Australia in the summer when he is old enough to leave school! Building on last year’s workshop, this is more about ‘understanding’ and empathy rather than providing advice. Some strategies work and others don’t—Why? What should we do as opposed to what Do we do? The aim is to entertain whilst giving insight and welcoming opportunity for others to share their experiences as well.

Hands on Writing

Participants will gain an understanding of handwriting development and the complex processes involved. The workshop aims to improve participant’s ability to identify where a problem might exist and what can be done to correct, improve and compensate for poor handwriting. Questions or queries can be forwarded prior to the workshop via email (dino@otfc.com.au) or during the session. This is an interactive workshop and participants will direct the pace and direction based on their contributions

Sensory Integration in the Classroom

This is an introduction to Sensory Integration for teachers, SSO’s and professionals within mainstream schools. Participants will gain an understanding of child development at each critical stage through childhood and the relevance that this has in the childcare, kindergarten and school setting.  Practical strategies will be given as well as the opportunity for questions and discussion.