OTFC’s Top 10 Resources- Part 1

OTFC’s Top 10 Resources- Part 1

Parents often ask us for recommendations for therapeutic toys that can be used at home, birthday or Christmas gift ideas, so over the next 10 weeks, I want to share some of our favourite toys and resources from the clinic.

So this week I’m going to start with my personal favourite game, Hyperdash!

Hyperdash is a race to follow all of the instructions and place the Hyperdash wand unit over the correct targets. There are varying levels of difficulty, with the first level giving simple colour-only instructions, going all the way up to colour and number instructions, double strikes, triple strikes, reverses and longer sets of instructions. If you place the unit over the top of the wrong target, the instruction is repeated. Once the set of instructions has been completed successfully, the unit will tell you what your time was. Can be used individually, racing to get your own personal best time, or you can play team Hyperdash, and work together to complete the instructions.

The great thing about Hyperdash is that the targets can be put anywhere! Change the game up by moving the targets around, making them closer or further apart or even hiding around the house or garden!



The uses for Hyperdash are only limited by your imagination! Examples of use at the clinic include lying a child on their stomach in a hammock swing (see my blog on swings) and setting the targets up on the floor around them. Or setting the targets up on the floor and having a child use a scooter board to move from target to target. Or introducing rules such as: you’re only allowed to hop between targets, or you have to walk like a crab between targets. I’ve even had a child complete the game whilst sitting on the floor blindfolded!

Hyperdash is obviously a great way to improve your child’s auditory processing, or ability to understand and follow instructions. Depending on how you set the game up, it can also be a fantastic physical game, great for use during tummy time, or to practice animal walks, to improve strength and to improve praxis.

For younger children, there’s Hyperdash Animal Scramble. Instead of numbers and colours, you have to find the names of the animals, or the by the sounds that they make.



So it’s a game for young or for old, for one or for many. It can be changed and used in many different ways, and most of all, it’s fun!!

We purchase our Hyperdash through Australian Geographic.

For further ideas and information, please contact Occupational Therapy For Children.


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