In 2017, we are proud to be launching an addition to the OTFC Brand. Welcome OTFC+ – Occupational Therapy for Adolescents – a service for children aged 13-21 years.


OTFC has developed a ‘life skills’ program for adolescents and young people including past and present clients. The program was introduced in 2016 and has been designed to cater for the growing needs amongst young people in the community. Weekly sessions focus on developing social skills, managing money, basic cooking skills, hygiene and of course…. having fun! The highlight for the initial 2016 group included a ‘sleepover’ at OTFC with games, a trip to a local café, dinner, a movie and breakfast. For many it was the first time they had slept away from their parents – a huge achievement for young people (and their parents).


The plan for 2017 is to expand the services offered to young people. OTFC will be offering individual sessions for young people aged 13-21 with sensory, developmental and motor issues. OTFC is designing a custom built facility with challenging and age appropriate activities and equipment to provide a safe and therapeutic environment. For more information regarding the OTFC + services please contact Michelle at michelle@otfc.com.au or (08)84104522.