New to Osmo – Numbers

New to Osmo – Numbers

A couple of weeks ago we showed one of the newer apps made for the OSMO device for iPad. This week we are excited to revel that a new game has been made for the OSMO.

The game ‘Numbers’ was launched about a week ago, and looks at fun and engaging ways to encourage children to get into maths and use their problem solving. The beauty of OSMO is that the app combines tangible elements with the visuals from the iPad. Therefore, children are ‘making’ numbers physically as well as receiving feedback from the screen.


The aim of Numbers is to ‘save’ the fish that are trapped in bubbles. above the surface of the water. To pop those bubbles, place a physical numeral tile (e.g. 5) or one of the ‘dot’ tiles (like that on a die) in front of the screen that add up to the number that has appeared on the screen, whatever the combination, (e.g. the above example 12 – place the 8 and 4 or a 6 and 6 dot tile, or a 5, 6, 1 – whatever the combination to get to 12!). Challenges move up from addition to things such as multiplication, for more complex equations.

Once you get the hang of it, you want to just try and get the most fish you can during your turn. It is more focused on trial and error and perseverance. ‘Having a go’ is often a barrier for many maths and number activities, and the game reinforces this approach. This approach is opposed to a ‘right and wrong’ – often the black and white approach which has been associated with early maths skills.

Until we get a complete version in our hands at OTFC (hopefully within the next few weeks) check out this link to see how the numbers game works!

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