Life Skills Sleepover

Life Skills Sleepover

On Saturday the 20th of August, OTFC hosted their first ever Life Skills Group sleepover down in the purple and orange room. The concept behind the sleepover was to ensure that the current group of boys could be involved in an overnight experience, building on the skills they had developed in the group so far while adding in the skill of sleeping over in a new place, independently. Application and development of skills around meal preparation, social interaction, community interaction, night routine and morning routine were incorporated into the sleepover.

Saturday afternoon the four boys, Daniel, Mitchell, Aaron and Isaac, and Michael, Ali and OT Student, Lauren, arrived at OTFC. The boys were very excited to be there and eager to inflate their mattresses and begin what had been outlined on their visual story. The afternoon began with table top games, such as Jenga, to help settle in. After some great turn taking and dealing with win and loss the group headed down to Page’s cafe. This required skills of being street safe and walking in a group. At the cafe the boys independently ordered and paid for their meals and learnt about what to do if they have sold out or do not stock what they were after.

Before dinner the boys were allowed free time. This was a great experience for the boys to use the equipment as they often aren’t given this opportunity within the group. The boys did it all; from basketball, to hopper ball races, jumping on the trampoline, completing obstacle courses, playing handball and diving into the ball pit, which all looked like a lot of fun!

Next up was pizzas for dinner. The boys applied their food preparation skills and cooking hygiene knowledge to make their own delicious pizza. After tucking into their tasty pizza’s the boys settled down with popcorn and pillows to enjoy the movie Inside Out. The boys all seemed to enjoy the movie but were exhausted and ready for bed.

The next day the boys woke up and packed up their sleeping bags and mattresses ready to whip up some breakfast. Once again their inner Masterchef was revealed as the boys helped prepare bacon and eggs, toast and pancakes for breakfast. Following breakfast the boys played a great game of handball where many trick shots were on display. Before they knew it, their parents were at the door ready to pick them up and take them home.

It was a great experience and the boys should be very proud of themselves for everything they have achieved within the social skills group, especially at the sleepover. A big thank you to all involved, in helping organise the group with great success.

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