Dyspraxia (dis-prak-see-ya). Some of you may know about it, some of you may have heard of it, and some of you may want to know about it! Those who have followed our blog for some time would have seen the great post about Praxis, and know that it is not just about motor planning. Praxis and Dyspraxia are tricky things to explain and understand, even for therapists! I saw the below image from the Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services website (www.potsot.com/) and thought it gave a simple visual description of Dyspraxia, as well as provide some simple ‘Tips for Dyspraxia’.


If you feel your child may be experiencing a number of the difficulties identified in this post, please feel free to leave a comment or contact us at Occupational Therapy For Children on (08) 8410 4522.

  • Becky Bou
    Posted at 14:01h, 28 November Reply

    It’s so hard for me to figure out what’s going on in my 7 year old sons head. I’ve had to homeschool him and he loves the classical conversations curriculum. But the constant planning and trying to figure out what he needs – heavy lifting, crashing, running, jumping, non competitive play? So hard to predict. Trying to get him to understand what he needs usin Squirmy Wormy book. The picture schedule/written schedule options are hard for me. Our schools and our insurance doesn’t cover OT or ABA so I’m on my own this year. Any ideas would be great.

    • Michelle Mennillo
      Posted at 11:25h, 16 January Reply

      Hi Becky,

      Sorry for the delayed response. It’s really difficult provide you any concrete advice as I’m not sure what area you live nor what your son’s needs are. It sounds like there is a lot going on for you on a daily basis – it’s hard enough being a parent let alone having to also be the teacher! Any support through homeschooling networks or education/medical based supports you can get I would highly advise seeking for your son’s sake and your own to see how you can best manage things.

      Good luck

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