Creative Kids!

Creative Kids!

Seeing as we’ve had so many fantastic entries into our OT week art competition, I thought that this week writing paper I’ll share our top 5 ideas for encouraging creativity and imagination in your children.

1. One toy, many ways: Encourage children to use the same toy or material in several different ways. Here at the clinic, we are constantly amazed by the unlimited number of obstacle courses and activities created by the children!



2. Rubbish= art. Provide children with a wide variety of old materials (eg. cardboard boxes, magazines, bottle caps, wrapping paper, hose, shoelaces, garden material…etc) to explore and create in new ways. Incorporate different drawing mediums such as paint, crayons, chalk or pencil on sandpaper.


3. Creative kitchen hands: Involve children in food preparation, such as helping to plate up meals, decorating cookies and cakes or helping to plan meals.



4. Recreate memories: Encourage children to depict past experiences through drawing, making up stories and songs or role playing (including creative costumes!)




5. Musical mayhem: Create instruments out of household items, such as maraca bottles filled with dried beans, guitar strings made from taut elastic bands or the noisy pot and pan drum!



Children are naturally creative- their brains are geared to generate ideas and questions, to use imagination and to problem solve. Promoting children’s creativity is a powerful way to enhance their learning. It arms them with problem solving and coping skills, lifts their self –esteem and boosts their motivation. Creative play can strengthen the bond between parents and children and can also be a safe way to explore what your child is thinking, hoping or fearing.

With school holidays drawing closer and Christmas right around the bend, there is no better time to focus on encouraging children’s creativity.  We’ve given you five suggestions to start with, why not share your ideas with us?!





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