Teacher PD Day 2018!

OTFC is excited to announce it will be running a Professional Development for teachers in August 2018! The day will be run by OTFC Director – Dino Mennillo, Clinical Manager Alison Moss and Team Leader Michael Crisci – all of whom have had experience working within schools an supporting staff to implement sensory integration strategies.  

The day aims to provide information about sensory integration, opportunities to explore strategies, new tools and ideas that can support the evolving nature of classroom spaces and the sensory challenges experienced by children. 

The day will be for teachers, support staff and educators who work closely with children who experience a variety of sensory challenges within the classroom, childcare and kindergarten environments.

The day will focus on Three main areas, 

  1. Sensory Integration –  From the Neuro to the ‘never known’ how it impacts behaviour and learning
  2. Learning Spaces: Sensory Enhancements or sensory excess? Effective Learning environments for all students 
  3. Handwriting –the crossing t’s and dotting i’s;  fundamentals and foundations

For more information, see the flyer and register your interest soon by following the below link, to avoid missing a unique PD opportunity.



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